Mission Statement
To be an integrated service provider and offer customized solution. Emerge as a strategic partner, valued for its vision and relationships - internal and external, continuously resulting in setting new standards of excellence and to achieve growth through business partners and associates.
Quality Policy
We shall strive to meet the needs and expectations of our esteemed customers. This shall be achieved through technology and a motivated and proactive family of employees committed towards innovation and continual improvement. We shall implement a quality system to ensure consistent levels of customer satisfaction with effective utilization of all resources.
Milestones & Philanthrophy
  • Introduction of the brand of Patel Roadways Ltd. which is a household name till date.
  • The House of Patel introduced the concept of Co-loading through it's Company 'Patel On-Board Couriers Ltd.' which even after decades is almost a monopoly.
  • Introduced Wall Street Finance Ltd. which was one of the first few companies to receive FFMC & AD II Licences, including the Licence for Acceptance of Fixed Deposits.
  • Patel On-Board Couriers Ltd. introduced the 'Couriers Association of India' (CAI) a National Body formed representing the interests of the Small/ Medium/India Courier Companies. CAI is actively involved in discussions with the Government, Regulatory Bodies and all Stake Holders for improvement of infrastructure, simplifying processes and improving efficiency.
  • As part of its desire to give back to Society, the Group had adopted the "Beautification of the Bandra Talao" in Bandra, Mumbai and had been instrumental in maintaining the Bandra Lake for many years.